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Cleaning & Recycling

3 tips on how to clean your home sustainably.

  1. Clean your home using a natural, environmentally-friendly product.

  2. De-clutter your wardrobe by bringing unused items to your local donation center.

  3. Repurpose or sell un-used furniture.

Organic Vegetable Farm

5 Ways to Recycle More This Year

  1. Start by participating. 

  2. Know what to throw.

  3. Know what not to throw.

  4. Empty your recyclables.

  5. Keep electronics and batteries out of the recycling cart.

Recycling Bottles

Top 7 Recycled Items

  1. Aluminum.

  2. Plastic.

  3. Newspapers.

  4. Cardboard.

  5. Glass.

  6. Mixed Papers.

  7. Used Motor Oil.

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